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Creating a backup Linux Image (DE1-SoC)


I have an FPGA project where I utilize the HPS to run Linxu (3.18.0) to interface with my SystemVerilog design. The initial image I started with was provided from Altera's university program.


I have made many changes to the Image and want to know how I can create an exact clone of this image as a backup in case anything happens to the image. My problem is that if I try to use an Image program on my desktop, like Win32DiskImager, I can only make backups of each partition that the SD card has.


How can I create a backup that includes all the partitions that are on the SD card? If anyone could give me any suggestions or a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, You can use https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ Win32 DiskImager. And instead of write, use read, save the name of the image you want to store in your PC. Then, Select Read Only Allocated Partitions, and read. You should see the .img file after reading it from the sdcard. Thanks
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