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Cyclone® V SE 5CSEBA6U23I7NDK: How fast an SDRAM be read and data put on FPGA port?



We are planning to use the DE10 board for the test bench project.

Basically, it is an arbitrary waveform generator, the FPGA ports shall be connected to the 2 external DACs.

In this, need the data from SDRAM (16bits +16 bits) to be put out to the DAC at about 16Msps rate.

Is it possible to achieve this fast rate with this hardware set?

As the SDRAM is not connected directly to the FPGA so how much latency is expected?

Is it possible to use the DMA for this?

The total data to be sent out on FPGA ports is 64M x 16 bits x 2.

Thanks in advance!

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