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DE0 Nano + Hamsterworks OV7670 interface: only noise on screen

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I am preparing for working with real time image processing and i want to use hamsterworks OV7670 interface with my fpga, i have de0-nano (there are no projects with this camera and fpga device on internet) and I have mapped hamsterworks project to quartus bdf+vhd files, here is how it looks on bdf: 


Does it look good? Here is original project (hamsterworks): 


One big change is that i have 5 bit DAC (for each color) so im using only 3 and 2 MSB's from VGA controller (RGB 3-3-2). Im attaching my project, if any experienced developer could just look at it, mayby it has some major mistake that You will notice and save me debugging every single part of the project it would be great and i would be able to just skip to image procesing instead of camera interfacing. 

If you prefer me to post source codes here, just write a post. 



if u have any suggestions please go to this thread (thread that ive started few months ago when i was trying to interface camera with de0-nano for the first time): 

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