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Error when downloading program in Nios II

Dear all, 

I am also using stratix II EP2S60 

I use Quartus and Nios version 6.0 

After finish compiling all, I have a problem with Nios when I download . The error appear as following: 


Using cable "USB-Blaster [USB-0]", device 1, instance 0x00 

Pausing target processor: OK 

Reading System ID at address 0x021208B8: verified 

Initializing CPU cache (if present) 



Downloading 01000020 ( 0%) 

Downloaded 62KB in 0.9s (68.8KB/s) 


Verifying 01000020 ( 0%) 

Verify failed between address 0x1000020 and 0x100F457 

Leaving target processor paused 


another thing I don't understand is if I download other programs ( for example: the program in "C:\altera\kits\nios2_60\examples\vhdl\niosII_stra tixII_2s60\standard" ) It's ok. But my own program has that trouble. 


Please help me. I tried so much but can't figure it out. 

Thanks alot . 


Best regards, 

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