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How to Display Data on the LCD @ NEEK



i was trying the full day to get a Picture to the LCD Dispay of my NEEK 


i only write in Verilog and use some Megafunctions 


The Data i want to display on the LCD is a ROM 1-Port with 24 Bits Words and 16384 Words that is initialized with a mif-File 


so i want to display the Data as a Part of the LCD Display 

the Picture in the ROM is 157 X 96 Pixel with 8bit R 8Bit G 8Bit B 

when i want to set the Picture at my LCD Display it always moves and runs arround like hell mainly in the Y Direction 


the LCD_interface is : 

lcd_display u3 ( 

.iVGA_R ( r), 

.iVGA_G ( g), 

.iVGA_B ( b), 





.iTCON_RESET_n (DLY0),  










.oHC_HD ( HC_HD ), 

.oHC_VD ( HC_VD ) , 


.oHC_DEN ( HC_DEN ), 







and the ROM  

myROM myROM_inst ( 

.address ( curAddr ), 

.clock ( CLK25 ), 

.rden ( ROM_READ ), 

.q ( m1RGB ) 



assign r= m1RGB[7:0]; 

assign g= m1RGB[15:8]; 

assign b= m1RGB[23:16]; 



i tried different ways 


can someone please tell me how i have to give the Data to the LCD and HOW i have to sync it ? 


theres 2 ways i want, 1st ist that the picture is in his actual size at the display and everything around is black or white 

2nd the Picture is scaled up to the full LCD 


Please can t find a way that my displayed picture don t runs away :( 


if anyone want the Code i tried between this components please tell me than i ll post it too. 




René Gärtner 

Student in his Exams Work ... and pretty down that nothing works like it should work :(
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Hi, I am working with the NEEK, too, but I am using NIOS for the programming. From my NIOS-Core I have a connection to the output VHDL-Module of this example: Perhaps you look into it. See the File in neek_rgb_vga, that is the Block that I use to connect my ClockedVideoOutput from the NIOS to the VGA-Adapter (this code is 10Bit wide and has 1024x768Pixel, but perhaps you adept it). 


The main timing problem on the NEEK seems to be the connection over the MAX II. You will need a Block like the neek_rgb_vga or VideoSyncGenerator (see altera\*ver*\ip\altera\sopc_builder_ip\altera_avalon_video_sync_generator) to connect to the LCD, also the clk must be 3*LCD- or VGA-Clock. The clock and other settings for VGA can be found in the MTDB Manual Table 4.4, 4.5 Page 21. The Data of the LCD is on Page 16 and ff.  


Perhaps this helps you a little bit, good luck!
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Can anyone please give me a simple procedure(Theory Steps) to Display a Text in the LCD panel, As i'am new to NEEK i'am struggling to Complete a project.. Thanks in Advance!