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How to successfully compile U-Boot?


I have been following this project guide in an effort to complete a custom SoC-FPGA build for my DE10 Nano booting the FPGA and embedded linux from an SD card.




I am on step where I attempt to compile my U-boot file and get this error:


CHK   include/config/uboot.release

 CHK   include/generated/version_autogenerated.h

 CHK   include/generated/timestamp_autogenerated.h

 UPD   include/generated/timestamp_autogenerated.h

 CC   lib/asm-offsets.s

lib/asm-offsets.c:1:0: error: bad value (generic-armv7-a) for -mtune= switch

 // SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+


make[1]: *** [Kbuild:44: lib/asm-offsets.s] Error 1

make: *** [Makefile:1655: prepare0] Error 2


Of note is the possibility that I didn't complete

-synthesis of my build correctly, since after running the sdram .tcl, it did not successfully compile, but did prior to so I ran with that .sof

-had to upgrade my Gcc to 6.5

-my socfpga_cyclone5_socdk.h file did not contain a macro of "CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND" as described in step or a macro "CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS" as described in step Nevertheless, I did save the substitute preprocessor directives found in those steps.

-I may have gone wrong so many other places

-this error says armv7 but the de10 nano has an A9?

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