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MAX 10 Development Kit RGB Led

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I am new to altera FPGAs and purchased recently the 

MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit, embedded with 10M50DAF484C6GES fpga. 


I am using the dev-board rev C, and looking at the schematics of the dev-board 

I see the RGB led is connected to the FPGA at pins r->E2, g->E3, b->E4. 

However, I am trying to drive the rgb led on/off and it doesn't work (no voltage change on nmos gates). 

In addition at pin planner screen, pin E2 is connected to ground internally inside the FPGA, which means i can't assign any signal to this pin. 


Is the RGB led available to use with my dev-board? 




I didn't notice the RGB led is not connected to the FPGA on board but to the embedded on board blaster. 



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