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Hi all, 


MAX10 dev kit can’t route HSMC input signals to any other output pin 


Process done: 


1. Route an input signal to a debug pin. 


2. Assign input and output signal on pin planner.(Configured at 2.5V as CMOS) (using a not() gate) 


3. Upload firmware to UFM & CFM. 


4. Read with oscilloscope the output signal and set the input signal. 


a. Output signal does not correspond to the expected input signal, it doesn’t change on input signal changes. 



To try to comprehend what is happening, the following test had been done: 

1. Check continuity on HSMC tested pin. (Working). 


2. Join ground plane directly on both boards (HSMC testing board) and MAX10 dev kit. 


3. Check other HSMC PINS. (same results) 


4. Change pin voltage to match 3.3V as other HSMC examples. (same results) 


5. Use “max10 board test” software on HSMC tab. (Not sync) 


6. Change SW2 pin 4 to bypass HSMC. 


7. Check D2 is on. (HSMC Presence LED working) 


8. Check other routing options (using other gates to route signals) 


9. Connect directly a signal to the dev kit HSMC pin. (No output signal) 


10. Connect a logic signal (not real) to the output to check routing. (working as expected) 

Any of this tests and checks revealed us useful information to solve the problem. 




Max10 board test software is not properly documented and I didn’t find what kind of output expect. 


SW2 configuration not clear for HSMC. 



Thanks in advance. 


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