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1. We use Arria 10 SoC 10AS066N2F40 with Micron MT29F1G08ABB NAND Flash.

2. We use or start with A10 GSRD and Arria 10 Flash Programming Alternative from RocketBoards.org to program the NAND (TFTP used). 


We are experiencing about 15 to 20 minutes or so for programming entire NAND, or it's about 15 ms for a page. 

It seems slow. Was it the time required or reasonable? 


I've tried to run a blank check with HPS_NAND_Programmer utility came with Quartus Prime Pro,

yes, it took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete as well.


Why the programming time is so long? Thanks.

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Hi @User1580871742356367,


Thank you for posting in Intel community forum and hope all is well.
I would suggest perhaps to check the datasheet on the micron NAND flash for the write blocks time, it might give some insight of the time required to program is reasonable.


There are also other factors that might influences the time such as binary size, flash part, u-boot (version, optimization level, compiler version), network speed and TFTP server.
Example would recommend to have the TFTP server on the same switch which will improved the speed dramatically.
Please let us know if that clarify some doubts that you have.


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Hi @User1580871742356367,


Greetings, as we do not receive any further clarification on what is provided. Hence thread will now be transitioned to community support and we will no longer monitor this thread. For new queries, please feel free to open a new thread and we will be right with you. Pleasure having you here.


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