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No internet access through Ethernet with Linux Kernel 4.14




I am upgrading my custom board which is using the Cyclone V socfpga from linux 3.10 to 4.14 and I am having difficulties in getting it connected to the internet.


I am using an emac which we set up as explained in this link https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/Projects/CycloneVRGMIIExampleDesign


Here is the bootup message log: https://0bin.net/paste/PkLJgwlBFOuAzQQk#6KbzDd1yCUEqz0u-FX0WKuW7J65rBOXVJJuNdFLD2Qn

and our device tree: https://0bin.net/paste/hChzCJ91lCL0GoS9#a9EqMvfcLlYyXpyC1tkHT-sIcGMeikWmI4UCfUryimx


The driver seems to be loaded correctly and the PHY is detected.


I would be really grateful if someone could point me in what could be the issue here. I have been struggling with this for a while now.


Thank you and Kind Regards,


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