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Questions about the Cyclone II DSP Development Board



I have some questions about the Cyclone II DSP Development Board. 


1-Does the board support (both) Microsoft c++ language and Matlab code? 


2-Can I connect a tft lcd 6.4 to the board and the lcd needs a connector with 30 pins? 

and can I connect its touch controller to the board? 

Here's the address of the tft lcd and its touch controller that i am using. (


3-I am a fifth year student in the department of Electronics and communications engineering in the facult of mechanical and elecrical Engineering? 

And i am thinking about a graducation project that contains the following topics: 


a-OFDM Transciever for data and video image. 

b-Face detection & recognition. 

c-Speaker Identification. 

d-Commands Recognition. 

e-Simple OS for controlling a camera and displaying the video on the touch LCD. 


So my question is Does the FPGA and the board provide a professional development  

environment for them? 


4- I want to design another transciever using the same fpga for the camera so what should I do? 


Thanks very much.
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