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Run FPGA Kernel in the background via PCIE without rebuilding the program and kernel in Cyclone V OpenVINO Starter Kit


Good morning. I have the Cyclone V OpenVINO Starter Kit Kit.


I have configured and installed everything correctly according to the official documentation and I have also verified that the documentation examples work well in my FPGA, but I would like to know if there is (or is possible) any way to run the Kernel (FPGA) through the host (.cpp file) via PCIe without having to rebuild the program and insert the Kernel back into the FPGA.


As the Bash terminal tells me, after executing:


aocl flash vector_add.aocx acl0

aocl program vector_add.aocx acl0


the program is correctly loaded and saved in the fpga, right? But when I run the host again (always with UB2 on, it doesn't let me do it via PCIe):




the program and the kernel are rebuilt again ...


Is there no way to run the fpga kernel via host through the PCIe transparently and in the background? The idea is for the FPGA to continuously execute all host requests transparently. Is this possible?


Thank you!

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I am not able to help on this as this is not official support. Please contact Terasic regarding this issue.

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