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Stratix V GX: FPGA Configuration from Flash Issue

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Hello, I'm trying to configure Stratix V FPGA (5SGXEA7K2F40 GX development kit) from Flash. I'm doing following: 1. Program FPGA with the PFL megafunction instantiated in the design. 2. Generated .pof with 32x FPP option selected and CFI_1 Gb (This board has 2 512Mb 16x Flash devices.). 3. Attached Flash device CFI_1Gb to 5SGXEA7K2F40 4. Programmed .pof to Flash device Page-1. 5. Used S3 (PGM_SEL) to select User Page 1. 6. Pressed S2 to configure FPGA from FLASH. 7. Error LED went OFF and then ON again. The image is not loaded in to FPGA. Also tried SW5.3 to ON position and power cycled the board. But even then FPGA is not programmed from FLASH. Am I doing something wrong?

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