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Suggestion: Arm version of jtagd and possibly Quartus Programmer Pro

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It would be very helpful if Intel built an ARM binary of jtagd, or even the full Quartus Programmer Pro for the Raspberry Pi.

  • An sdcard image could be published on intel.com.
  • This should also include a bootable Linux like Yocto or Raspbian.
  • An rc script should be made to start jtagd at boot.
  • A web server with a rest API or similar should be made to set the password and even do programming. The web page could even have a similar GUI to quartus_pgmw.
  • The hostname/IP could be output on the Pi serial console and HDMI output.
  • Intel could qualify this image with their dev kits.

This would reduce customer frustration with drivers and programming and also reduce support related to this issue.

The only drawback is that it could result in a reduction of Ethernet Blaster sales. However, most dev kit customers will use the embedded USB blaster which should work as it has been qualified and all supported operating systems can run TCP/IP.
The only possible problem could be port 1309 blocked in a firewall. But this could be checked and reported by the Pi web server.

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Hi ,

Please let us know the application area being targeted. We can suggest you the required device and services available.

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