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Terasic System on Modules (TSOM) Board - Cannot boot linux while programming FPGA




I have been working for a project on DE0-Nano SoC (Cyclone V) with hps-fpga programming : roughly to drive gpio's (fpga side) directly from a C program executed in linux. Following the manual I could easily adapt it to my project (main steps are, generating rbf file and compiling c file).

Now I want to do exactly the same but on the TSOM development kit. The problem is, when I program fpga either through quartus (sof file) or through SD card (rbf file), then linux won't boot and will stop at "starting kernel...". I also tried with a basic blinking led program without hps part, linux doesn't boot.


I don't know if there are some major differences (except pin mapping) between these two boards with both Cyclone V, or if I am missing something (I'm fairly new in this field), but there are no tutorials about this specific board, I have to rely on the de0 nano hps to fpga guide.


If you have any clue you're welcome !

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I am unsure entirely, but you may need to check the MSEL, BSEL and CSEL pins respectively to your design.

If that is not the issue, you may want to try booting using our prebuilt image instead, then to get the board booting first time, then you may get used to the procedure on what is actually missing from the steps you did previously:

You can refer to the below link for reference to guide you:


Also for more interesting topics such as compiling GHRD or preloader etc, there more below, you can select your devices and Quartus version available then the topics your interested in


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