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Unable to run BTS on Stratix 10 GX Development Kit


Trying to run the BTS (Board Test System) as an initial step with this board, dev kit is "stand alone" with jumpers in factory config. Attached to machine with fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04

Compiled and added libpng as indicated in another thread.

Changed jtag clock to 6M as suggested in another thread.

Tried with both Quartus Pro 17.1 and 18.1.

The BTS GUI comes up, but "Sys Info" Board Information is empty. Doing "Configure" and picking any option leads to a loading bar that goes to 1% and dies. Attached are the console messages, including some "Severe" messages. Any help is greatly appreciated, as I feel that I'm stuck on what should be a very simple step.


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Welcome to INTEL forum. Could you tried with Quartus 17.0ir3.0.182 and before you begin, could you reconfirm again step to run the board test system. Refer to link on 6.2 running the board test system https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/programmable/us/en/pdfs/literature/ug/ug-s10-fpga-devl-kit.pdf


I installed version 17.0.0 Build 290. I do not see any way to download 17.0ir3.0.182 -- do you have a link for that?

I re-ran using the steps from section 6.2 in the user guide (same document that you linked).

The error messages and behavior of the BTS GUI are the same as the file I linked before -- so it still doesn't run. (System Information is empty, trying to configure with any image dies after 1%.)