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Video Dev kit Cyclone II Ed. Reference design (an427) not working

Hello everybody. 


This is driving me crazy... Video and Image processing Example Design (AN427, v1.2 July 2006) not working for Video Dev Kit, Cyclone II Ed. with Quartus II 6.0, DSP Dev Kit v6.0.1 and Video Input Daughter Card v1.0.0. 


When trying to complete the example design, after downloading the programming file to the FPGA, no image is being showed in the VGA monitor. Have tried with both the .sof file shipped with the kit as it is installed, without any modification and with the .sof file generated (renamed automatically to "name-of-the-original-file"_time_limited.sof) after giving all the steps of the tutorial (DSP Builder + SOPC Builder + Quartus compilation + Troubleshooting in AN427). No image showing. We have perpetual license, so it shouldn't be a problem, though a message warning about time limited functionality turns up when downloading the design (anyway the next dialog box states license is perpetual and forces me to cancel -cancel what?) Tried to signal-tapped the design (very basic, just for quick test) and no valid signals (no BT656 clock, no pixel value...) are coming out of the Video Input Daughter Card. 


Video is being generated with a digital still camera that records video. Video standard is changed to NTSC and tested in a television with positive results (video showing up on TV, so the camera works. I confirm this since I was able to see the analog video signal on an oscilloscope). I would like to try with a proper Sony CCD camera but it generates a PAL video stream. 


In the Quartus included files, there appears to be an included altera_europe_support.vhd file, but no file is installed in the disk. Anyway to get this file? Is it necessary? What is is supposed to have on it? 


I would be really grateful with any help provided. I know I should update to Quartus 8.0 and new ref. design, but there is no support for this board. This is the work of an end of degree project for my student, and she is just beginning (the idea was to get the whole picture of the design flow EASILY, but this if far from easy), so adapting the design to new version is not an option at this time (she would need the modules needed to control the Video Input Daughter Card as well as the FPGA). 


Thanks so much for your help, and hope we may get to a solution. 



I forgot to say that we tested the board with the Production Tests that come with the CD. VGA is working. No test for video input daughter card, no it's not possible to test it. 


Besides, we tried with the different designs that are installed: the one shipped with the FPGA board, and the two shipped with the daughter card (one for each video input J1 and J41). No way.... :( 


Ruben Salvador
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