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boardtestsystem not run

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Dear Support, 

I installed quartus 21.3, on win10 64. I proved the usb cable is working by programming the FPGA on the A10GX dev board. 

when I run BoardTesSystem.exe, 

after I "select version directly" to PRD. 

I got a pop up saying, "Failed to connect to system console server."

I guess I did something wrong, I have searched the database, but didn't find anything like directly to this error message, please help me get this BoardTest system.exe run. 

Thank you,





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Welcome to INTEL forum. May I know, have you tested BTS with Quartus v15.1.2? If not, could you try it?

Based on my understanding, the manufactured board’s BTS for A10GX was built with Quartus v15.1.2. The error is possibly caused by the difference in system console of different Quartus revisions. Can refer to readme.txt file in BTS installation folder.

Also, could you help to set all DIP switch back to factory default state. You could refer to web regarding this.

There is also a log file in the BTS directory, customer can use this to check the reason of failure.


Report back if failure happen with the log file and error screenshot.

For privacy, you can reply/attach your file in private message

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It's not easy to install a win7 or install a Quartus V15. I know most of the time there is no shortcut, if someone had met this problem before, it may save me hours of installation of outdated software. because it is for learning to board and tools in very short term. 

attached is the log file and screen capture. 

I hope someone understands what this line means.

SEVERE: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "C:\intelFPGA_pro\21.3\quartus/sopc_builder/bin/system-console": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified


Thank you very much,