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image translation and display

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Now,I have realized the CCD image A/D conversion ,YCrCb to RGB conversion,and VGA display(but, the image display on VGA is not nice,the image is flashing). 

I acquire the image data using the sysn signals which provided by A/D chip,the pixel frequence is 27MHz and the format of digital data is YCrCb,after format conversion,then I write the data to 4-port-sdram controller(DE2 DEMO) at the frequence of 27M,then read the image data as 25M,the read enable signal is provided by VGA module,(the sysn signals,VS,HS are written by myself ,when in active pixels period,the module output the read enbale signals to read the image data saved in sdram).  


my questions are : 

how to handle the data transmition and VGA display to make image dispalys nice ,because the VGA sysn signals have no relation with the acquisition sysn signals? 

in short,how to make the image displays streaming on VGA,that is how to handle the data transmition and display? 


thanks for your help~</SPAN>
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