Contributing Code to uClinux-dist repository

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Contributing Code to uClinux-dist repository

Contributing Code to uClinux-dist repository


Here will be explained who to publish your changes and stuff into uClinux-dist repository in 10 steps.

This could be done with creating a patch and mailing it to nios2-dev mailinglist.

For Debian/Ubuntu-User package git-email is needed: (apt-get install git-email)


Mailinglist URL: nios2-dev (

Git repository web view: uClinux-dist (;a=summary)


Step 1

Change the files you want to commit


Step 2

Look at the differences with:



Step 3

Mark the files for commit with:

git-add path/to/file


Step 4

Now git-diff gives no output but you could see the diff with:

git-diff --cached


Step 5

Commit your changes with:

git commit -m 'Put your Update Message here'


Step 6

Create mail-able patch file with:

git format-patch -n -1


Step 7

Have a look at the patch file, add your message and save it:

nano 0001-xxx.patch


Step 8

Mail the patch to the nios2-dev mailinglist:

git send-email --smtp-server your.smtp.server --to 0001-xxx.patch 


Maybe you have to add this if your server needs smtp-auth (for Debian/Ubuntu packages: libauthen-sasl-perl libnet-smtp-ssl-perl are needed!): 

--smtp-user YourMailUserName --smtp-pass YourMailUserPasswort


Now 2 questions popUp:



Who should the emails appear to be from? [Some Name]

---> You can type your Name and email-address here if it's not the right one in format: "Your name" xyz@yourMail.Adress



Message-ID to be used as In-Reply-To for the first email?

---> Enter a Message-ID or continue with "Enter" this is for threading the messages to have the overview


Step 9

Now you could hopefully read something like:

"Result: 250 93502886 message accepted for delivery"


Step 10

Congratulation your first patch for nios2-uClinux-dist is complete!!

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