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Create your own product

Create your own product

The uClinux-distr NIOS "Products" in fact are directories in the vendor/Altera folder.

To create your own Product you cando the following:

  • with "make menuconfig" choose a product that can be used as a starting point for your efforts (say "nios2")
  • do "make clean"
  • copy the directory of this product and give it an appropriate name (say "myproject") to sit besides the original one.
  • do "make menuconfig" and select your new product:
  • Vendor/Product Selection -> Altera Products -> (X) myproduct
  • do "make menuconfig" -> Kernel/Library/Defaults Selection -> [*] Default all settings (lose changes)
  • do "make" to see if the result is the same as with the old product
  • do some changes to the configuration
  • do "make menuconfig" -> Kernel/Library/Defaults Selection -> [*] Update Default Vendor Settings
  • This writes your changes to the Kernel and User settings into the config.linux-2.6.x and config.vendor-2.6.x fiiles in your product directory. (Including the product selection made and an Environment Variable representing your product)


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