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DSP Builder board library

DSP Builder board library



DSP Builder includes board library files for popular Altera development kits. If you have a board for which the library files are not included, or if you have a custom board, you can still create a library following the instructions described in Chapter 10. Adding a Board Library of the DSP Builder Handbook Volume 2: DSP BUilder Standard Blockset.

In this Wiki page, you will find board libraries for 2 other popular Altera development kits which are not included in the Altera DSP Builder installation. These files were created under Windows XP 64-bit environment.


Arria II GX FPGA Development Kit 

Cyclone IV FPGA Development Kit 



I have had some issues while creating DSP Builder library files. These are documented in the README files included in the package and so please refer to the document before you start. These library files are only tested on those example designs included in the folder. If you find any bugs using the files, please add comments and/or if you updated the library files, it would help others if you could upload your modified version so that other people can benefit too.


disclaimer stuff:

The material in this wiki page or document is provided AS-IS and is not supported by Altera Corporation. Use the material in this document at your own risk; it might be, for example, objectionable, misleading or inaccurate.

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