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How to export ADC conversion data to the core for post-processing

How to export ADC conversion data to the core for post-processing

Learn how to create a design using ADC Standard Sequencer With External Storage mode to export the ADC conversion data to the core for post-processing. Details on the steps are in Altera Youtube Channel with a video of the same title.

The design files used in the video can be found here for reference:

File:Adc ext storage top.v: Top file that instantiates all the modules and connected them together.

File:Sequencer.v: Sequencer control block

File:Storage.v: Sample storage control block

File:Example post process.v: Post processing example

File:Adc ext storage video.qar: Complete QAR design file as created from the video.

9/95/Adc_conversion_data_post_processing.PNG ( Adc conversion data post processing.PNG - click here to view image )

Block Diagram for ADC design export to core for post-processing

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