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IP Component - OpenLDI / FPD-Link / Camera Link VIP Component for Qsys

IP Component - OpenLDI / FPD-Link / Camera Link VIP Component for Qsys

OpenLDI is a common video interface found in many applications. It was an LVDS interface that was originally known as FPD-Link from National back in the early 1990s. National invented both FPD-Link and LVDS. Eventually TI second sourced it with their FlatLink family. This standard evolved to Open LDI (LVDS Display Interface) targeted at both Notebook and Monitor displays. It is a reduced pin count interface (compared to parallel RGB888) and uses LVDS levels for lower EMI. This interface is found as a common video output on many sources, and is also used as inputs to many displays. Altera FPGAs and CPLDs can not only be used to economically interface with OpenLDI devices, but to process the video data and perform countless other system functions as well. These interface blocks are designed to connect seamlessly with the Video and Image Processing Suite (VIP Suite) Clocked Video Input II (CVI) and Clocked Video Output II (CVO) components.



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