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All support for Intel NUC 7 - 13 systems has transitioned to ASUS. Read latest update.

Linux Sources

Linux Sources



Please refer to for latest updates on Nios II Linux !

The main repositories for all source code related to Nios II Linux are located on the git server and are browsable via gitweb at

Development on the Linux Kernel for Nios II happens in the nios2 branch of the linux-2.6 repository. Use this branch if you want to use the most recent development version. The branch is updated with changes from Linus' git tree after an -rc Kernel is released.

Linux Kernel


Stable versions are tagged in the form v2.6.x-nios2 or v3.x-nios2 (where x is the minor version number) respectively. If you want to use a stable version, check out such a tag.

The linux-2.6 repository is mirrored at git:// and git://

Branches in linux-2.6.git

nios2 Development branch for Nios II Linux, contains support for Nios II with and without MMU (previously known as unstable-nios2mmu)
master Mirror of the master branch of Linus' main repository at git://
test-nios2 DO NOT USE - Old stable branch for Nios II without MMU.
nios2mmu DO NOT USE - Old stable branch for Nios II with MMU.
unstable DO NOT USE - Old development branch for Nios II without MMU.
zy1000/master DO NOT USE
v2.6.21-nios2mmu DO NOT USE

Branch migration from unstable-nios2mmu to nios2

Nios II Linux development happened in the unstable-nios2mmu branch previously. The branch has been renamed to nios2 to avoid confusion. If working on the unstable-nios2mmu branch previously, you can switch to use the new branch by the following commands (assuming origin points to the server or the gitorious mirror):

$ git fetch origin

$ git checkout -t origin/nios2

$ git branch -d unstable-nios2mmu

Submitting Patches

If you did local changes to Nios2 Linux tree and think others could benefit from them too, you might want to submit them to the nios2 tree. The easiest way to achieve this is to generate a patch using git format-patch (see git help format-patch for more information) and send it to the mailing list.

For patch submission to the Nios2 tree the same rules as for mainline Linux do apply. Please make sure to read the documents SubmittingPatches, SubmitChecklist (and possibly SubmittingDrivers if you're submitting an entire driver) inside the Documentation/ directory.

Especially make sure you configure your mailer properly, so it doesn't send HTML mail or wraps lines (or use git send-email). Also your patch needs a Signed-off-by line.




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