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Multiple dsp builder projects

Multiple dsp builder projects

When integrating multiple DSP Builder models into one Quartus II project, you may run into Quartus II compilation issues due to multiple copies of MegaCore libraries being sourced and/or conflicts between multiple HDL source files with the same entity names. It is difficult and tedious to hand edit the included files to avoid these issues.


Error (10430): VHDL Primary Unit Declaration error at alt_dspbuilder_<>.vhd(#): primary unit

"alt_dspbuilder_<>" already exists in library "work"

One way to avoid the file name clashes is to export each of the DSP Builder generated Quartus II project as a post-synthesis .qxp netlist. This will compile each DSP Builder model into a single file which can be instantiated into another Quartus II project in the same way as DSP Builder Exported HDL. The Top qxp export scripting package automates the process of exporting the DSP Builder model as a .qxp file into an easy to use double-clickable script.

Advantages of the DSP Builder exported .qxp module include avoiding naming clashes, single file consolidation of DSP Builder models, and faster Analysis and Elaboration during compilation.

Using the Top qxp export script package to export a DSP Builder model as a .qxp file

  1. In the file system go to the <model_name>_dspbuilder directory
  2. Add the Top qxp export scripts to the <model_name>_dspbuilder directory
  3. Run the top_qxp_export.bat (Windows) or (bash)
  4. Go to the Integrating the DSP Builder model .qxp into a new Quartus II project process below
  5. Note: the Top qxp export scripts also create files for instantiating the .qxp file in your design. See the Top qxp export entry

Manually exporting a DSP Builder model as a .qxp file

  1. Compile the DSP Builder model with Signal Compiler
  2. In the file system go to the <model_name>_dspbuilder directory
  3. Open the Quartus II <model_name> project in the directory
  4. Go to Project > Export Design Partition
  5. The filename should be <model_name>.qxp
  6. The Partition hierarchy to export should be Top
  7. Click Export
  8. The default location for the <model_name>.qxp is the <model_name>_dspbuilder directory

Integrating the DSP Builder model .qxp into a new Quartus II project

  1. Open a Quartus II project to integrate the DSP Builder model .qxp into
  2. Go to Project > Add/Remove Files in Project
  3. Click the File name ... button
  4. Navigate to your exported .qxp and click open
  5. Click add, then OK
  6. Instantiate the DSP Builder .qxp in the same way as DSP Builder exported HDL
  7. Compile your new project

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