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OpenCL drivers for legacy GPUs (HD4400) missing


Recently I needed to reinstall the system on my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The tablet has as i5-4300U CPU with the iGPU being reported (though glxinfo -B) to be HD Graphics 4400 (HSW GT2)

Given I'm running Arch Linux, I tried to install the OpenCL drivers through the AUR, as I had done before but it couldn't find the binary to download. After fumbling about in Intel's website I managed to track it down in here:

However, all the links in the page seem to be dead.

I ended up whining on Twitter about it, to which IntelSupport replied with what to me sounded like "tough luck, we're not providing those drivers. Good luck sourcing those on your own. Try the forums maybe?"

So here I am, I guess. Is this really Intel's stance? If so, anyone know of a mirror where I could find these?

Doesn't bode well for Intel's upcoming dGPUs (for which I am/was very excited given Intel's choice of SYCL as their main programming paradigm) if you're suddenly treating your legacy users even worse than nVidia.

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