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разрешение экрана Intel HD Graphics Sandy Bridge


Добрый день! В наличии два компьютера, характеристики на приложенных картинках. Практически одновременно, в течение месяца, установлена операционная система Windows 10, установлены все обновления. При подключении по DameWare на одном компьютер возможно изменить разрешение, на втором нет - при одинаковом драйвере. В чем причина отсутствия возможности изменить разрешение?

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Both of these systems include 2nd generation Sandy Bridge processors. These processors were discontinued before the launch of Windows 10 and thus Intel provides no support for their use with Windows 10. Intel provided no Windows 10 driver for this graphics engine. The driver that you are presently using is a compatibility driver provided by Microsoft. Intel provides no support for this driver. You can attempt to report this issue to Microsoft, but they have typically ignored such reports for compatibility drivers. If they work, great. If they don't, they don't want to hear about it.

Your only real options at this point include (1) using an add-in graphics card, with an NVIDIA or AMD graphics engine, that is supported with Windows 10, or (2) upgrading to a more-modern processor and motherboard.

Sorry, reality bites,


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