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4K 60Hz - Intel HD530 - Problem


Hello. Like a week ago i bought monitor Acer CB281HK it supports 4k at 60Hz via HDMI.


The problem is that when I connect my laptop to monitor by HDMI (2.0) cable it stands on 4K but on 30Hz max.

Laptop is Lenovo ideapad Y700 ISK17


Steps I took before I wrote here:

  • to be sure I got 2.0 HDMI cable i just bought it new thats says its 2.0 and its Premium HDMI Cable
  • Checked is my monitor supports 4K 60Hz via HDMI
  • Checked all monitor options
  • Checked all Windows 10 options
  • Checked is Intel HD530 supports 4k 60Hz via HDMI
  • Checked monitor, Intel HD530 and Windows to have latest drivers
  • Read tons of forums to figure out the problem


Is there any more step that I can take to get pleasure of viewing 4K in 60Hz?

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According to the specs, the HDMI port in your laptop only supports HDMI 1.4a - which means that 4K @ 30Hz is the best you are going to do.


If you had a way to access one of the processor's DisplayPort 1.2 output streams, you could use an adapter to get 4K @ 60Hz, but I could not see any way to access any of these streams in your laptop.


The other option is to use a USB 3.0-based Graphics Adapter that supports 4K @ 60Hz. Here are some examples that claim this level of support:





Hope this helps,