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4k with HD 4600

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Hi community,


I have a i7 4785 T on a ASUS Gene VII board which has only a HDMI port.


I would like to run a 4K display at 60 Hz with it.


Is UHD with 60 Hz possible via a HDMI-cable?

I know the data-sheet says: Max Resolution (HDMI)4096x2304@24Hz


If "no" would a (active) adapter HDMI to DP make UHD with 60 Hz possible?

Because the data-sheet says Max Resolution (DP)‡3840x2160@60Hz


Thank you for your time and help. 🙂




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No, you are stuck with HDMI 1.4 and only 2160p@30Hz. If fact, it is rare to find a motherboard whose HDMI port can support better than 1080p@60Hz. The implementations back then were poor.

No, you can't make a 60Hz HDMI output from a 30Hz HDMI input; it simply isn't possible.

The only way to get 4K@60Hz on your machine would be via a DisplayPort 1.2 port, either one provided directly or secondarily via Thunderbolt. If you motherboard doesn't provide one of these ports, you are simply out of luck.

Sorry, reality bites,



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Thank you for your answer.


Did I get it right, that in my case the board respectively the HDMI 1.4 port on it is the limiting factor?


So if the board manual says:


HDMI with max. resolution 4096x2160@24Hz / 2560x1600@60Hz


I can at least have QHD 2560 x 1440@60Hz with my hardware or does it exactly have to be 2560x1600@60Hz?


Would 4k@24 Hz in general be to poor to watch movies with it?



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Nothing that you have said is wrong, per se, but I will say that I have seen reports of these older drivers having problems with the QHD/WQHD resolution - and I have never had such a monitor to try this myself so I can't say one way or the other.

I can only say that my eyes don't want to watch at 24Hz - or even 30Hz if I can avoid it. I say get yourself an add-in video card that can give you 4K@60Hz.


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Thanks for your advice ... I will think this over. 

The thing is that I have to calculate a little bit before buying a video card of lets say 20 W. 


I have a 120 W power supply.

i7 4785t needs 35 W + "x"

Mainboard needs ~ 15 W

SSD ~ 5 W

Ram ~ 5 W



The question is how much is "x" with the i7 4785t in Windows 10 Balanced Mode. Do you by chance know something about it?

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