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6-Bit Depth with Intel UHD 770 ?


My Bit Depth is reduced to 6 from 8, If I set monitor resolution to 3440*1440 at 144Hz


This is my HW/SW below

Intel UHD770 with latest driver / Intel GCC 1.100.3407.0 latest

Mi 34 Monitor Ultrawide screen that supports 3440*1440 Max 144Hz with DP 1.4

MB Asus B660A Gaming Wifi D4 (Support DP 1.4 in back I/O)

Windows 11 with the latest update



1. If I set monitor resolution to 3440*1440 at 144Hz, My Bit Depth is reduced to 6 from 8

But If I change the refresh rate to 120Hz, It works fine and shows with 8-bit Depth in the system PC and Intel GCC tray.

Can anyone give me some answer or explain this problem? 

Because Is it limited by HW or something?


2. While I found an article for detail, So I found that We can't set Bit Depth in Intel GCC if use a Display port, It must be connected by HDMI only if you want to set this.

Am I understanding correctly?  

Intel will be adding this future as a Display port same as HDMI in Intel GCC?

Thank you

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