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620 driver

I have returned 2 laptops because I could not get .mpg movie files to run in 2 separate karaoke programs that I would like to use in Karaoke shows. For what ever reason The programs I am using will run my CDG files with out any issues. The .mpg files I can play within windows movie player and they run fine not any problems. But as soon as I try and run them within the karaoke programs they will not run the video part of the file correctly. I have and older laptop that will run these files and with no issues. It seems that the intel 620 driver is the problem. I have had both laptops to geek squad at best buy to solve the issue But they could not figure out how to fix the video problem. I am going to have either figure out how to get these files to work or go to another chip set. At this point I have returned both laptops so I have no way to try anything to correct the problem. If the 620 driver is turned off . The .MPG files will work within the programs. The issue with this is I can not put they out to a monitor because that is no longer available to me without the 620 driver turned off.

The 2 Karaoke programs I am using are

Karaoki by PCDJ

CompuHost V3

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Community Manager

Hi papabear5120,



I understand you had graphics problems with two computers running Intel® HD graphics 620. I am sorry to hear you had to return the product back to the place of purchase.


I was not aware the graphics controller or the graphics driver had issues with Karaokeware programs.


Thank you for the feedback and I apologize for the inconvenience.



Allan J.
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