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8th gen processor compatibility issue with UHD 630 driver update?

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A driver version that has just been made available by my OEM is for the Intel graphics 630.

I’ve been unable to install this driver update. I have an 8th gen Core i7 processor.

On my OEM’s download site, they clearly state in the description for this update that this is for 9th gen Intel processors.

I've tried multiple times to install this update by extracting the downloaded executable from the OEM support site. An error occurs which says that I already have the most recent driver version installed.

The driver version that is currently installed is

I should not need to, nor should it be required to uninstall the UHD 630 driver before attempting to install this latest available update. 

 There is an OEM factory installed identifier on the NVRAM for this system's model often called an OEM service tag (or product number) which is a unique identifier for the system’s model and OEM configuration. This product number is recommended by the manufacturer to be entered on the OEM’s support site by the user to download and install OEM customized Intel driver updates from their website. This system is a Dell.

Question:  Could the reason I am unable to install version is because this driver update is incompatible with an 8th gen processor ?  

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Sounds more like a question for DELL support.

Anyway open \Graphics\iigd_dch.inf (probably renamed) in your favorite text reader and find the string CFL for Coffee Lake

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You are right that you should not need to uninstall the previous version to install this new version - but sometimes this is a necessity if the new version is one that has been modified by the manufacturer. 


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All drivers from Dell for this system are modified by Dell . . . graphics, chipset, etc .
Installed an ME driver from the Intel site over a year ago. That driver wouldn't install from Dell's site. After installing it from Intel's site, it caused issues on part of the ME and the motherboard involving different tasks and processes where after that, no driver from Intel's site will be installed again.

Dell gives detailed installation instructions with their driver downloads There just arent any requirements listed about uninstalling the existing UHD 630 driver first.

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