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965 Chipset Resolution no higher than 1280 x 800

I am using a Dell Inspiron 1420 running Windows 7, 3 GB RAM with the Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset. I thought I would treat myself to a new external monitor for Christmas (Samsung 2233SW) but have been unable to get it to work. I am running Dell's most current BIOS (A10) and have installed version (9/23/2009) version of the 965 family drivers. I've installed the latest version of the Samsung drivers.

Nothing I have done will let me select a resolution higher than 1280 x 800, 60 Hz, True Color. Intel seems to know they have a problem here, but the latest update cited above doesn't appear to fix it it. The monitor goes back to Costco today, is there any hope I can use more than a 15" external monitor with this chipset?

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