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ARC 770+13700K+Z790, Windows 10, Audio pops, chrome and edge hitching


Okay I have more info about this issue on the 770.  It *seems* to me the audio glitching via USB interface is because mostly of Chrome/Edge.  Edge IS using chrome rendering engine.  When this behavior happens, I could be:

Intel ARC770 hitching while doing normal things - YouTube

1. Moving the mouse cursor over a youtube video playing in Edge/Chrome OR even other applications using hardware acceleration.  Turning off Edge/Chrome hardware acceleration fixes this issue which will cause the entire system to 'hitch', audio may cut out, the browser may stop playing and re-buffer or downgrade the playing resolution.  The stats on youtube videos show the player dropping tons of frames any time this happens.

2. Moving another Chrome/Edge window around (drag) while a separate window is playing a video.  Again all with hardware acceleration turned on.

3. Hardware video acceleration may just stop working randomly and not work again until a reboot.

4. Audio glitches are due to the aforementioned issue, and also DPC latency skyrockets when this occurs and the system becomes entirely non-responsive for a few seconds.


ALL drivers have been loaded, all beta drivers.  Nothing fixes it.  Firefox does not seem to have this issue and indeed I can play videos with zero dropped frames.  BAR is ON.  Turning it off may cause audio to stop popping but the system is still lagging out massively and it cannot run at full performance.  AV1 hardware decoding will not work or will work running at 5fps.

The system in question is locked to 5.3Ghz all P core 13700k.  All C states are turned off in the BIOS because this is an audio workstation.  Windows Enterprise 10 is set to not powersave, Full performance under Power settings.  I have all PCIe power saving stuff turned off in the bios as well.  There is only one other card in my system which is an Avermedia 4k pcie capture card in the lowest slot which is not connected directly to the CPU PCIe bus.  

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