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Accidentally removed intel uhd 620 graphics card from Device manager


I have uninstalled the intel graphics card today, from the device manager->display adapter, if i am not mistaken. it is because my FIfa game cannot detect my Intel UHD 620 Graphics card, some people in few forum recommend to just delete/disable intel graphic and restart it.


now it is gone.No intel as display adapter in dxdiag and device manager.

i cant even install the driver. I tried to install the driver which i got when i brought the laptop but it saying the operating system is not supported.

I have downloaded gfx_win_101.3413_101.2111.exe from intel website but it is saying "SOMETHING WENT WRintel down.JPGintel legecy.JPGONG. SYSTEM ERROR CODE 536870330 UNKNOWN ERROR" . Restarting didn't help.

ADD LEGECY HARDWARE also didn't worked.

I have also attached the Intel System Support Utility Report.

One more thing Intel Graphics command center is present in the laptop.


Please help me.


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