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Asus Rog GL553VD - Windows clean installation and Intel Graphics Problems : help?

Hello everyone,

more than a year ago, I have bought a Asus Rog GL553VD laptop. It comes with an integrated Intel(R) Graphics 630 HD card, which handles the display, and a dedicated Nvidia GTX 1050 gaming graphic card.

I happen to have a bad crash of my computer, and I had to perform a clean installation of Windows.

Of course, by doing so I lost all the pre-installed drivers that were on my laptop. I was able to reinstall everything but encountered a serious issue while trying to reinstall the Intel card driver.

I tried downloading the drivers on the asus website, using the drivers provided for my laptop --> black screen while drivers installation, had to turn off my laptop using the power button --> on start-up, black screen and windows not working.

I did another clean installation of windows.

I then tried to install the problematic Intel Graphic driver using safe mode --> proceeded with installing the driver in safe mode, the installation seemed to work fine --> restarted the PC in order to boot my laptop normally --> booting freezes, corrupted window or something.

I wiped - yet again - my SSD and did another clean installation of Windows.

I tried to install again the Intel drivers using safe mode and putting my computer's power plan into "High efficiency mode" --> nothing: reboot, black screen or boot window frozen.

I really need to solve this: without this Intel Graphics Drivers I can't control my display, which means I can't adjust brightness, change resolution, use a blue light filter or project the display onto a secondary screen.

I'm using the drivers present in the Asus support page for my laptop : ROG GL553VD | Gaming Laptop - ASUS USA

Hoping that someone will come, I've been struggling with this issue for a while...


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Your BIOS is up-to-date?

Try drivers from this list Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 630

Select OS from right pull-down menu. Hit "show more".

To bypass message "best driver is already installed", "customized computer manufacturer driver" or "computer is not validated" install driver via have disk method as described at: (ignore prolog about MS surface)


Thank you for your quick response, Stefan3D.


Yes, my bios is up to date.


Just tried your method. Same issue. Installation in Safe Mode went fine, but once I restarted to boot my computer normally, it froze.


Update: I thought the main issue was with Intel drivers, so I tried playing some games, just to spend the time, since the Nvidia drivers installation didn't seem to have any problems.


But apparently I was wrong: game will use by default the "Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor" (which is what appears in the Device Manager when I unistall the faulty Intel graphic drivers).


I tried forcing my games to use my Nvidia card. Nothing.

This is really starting to suck.

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Hello sigma_rho,



I am following up with your case and see that we have not heard back from you.



If you need more assistance do not hesitate to reply.






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i got same case like this, i very very need help.. ty


Hello lbitt,


I couldn't find the solution to my problem (nothing that was said on forums worked for me). So I sent my laptop to an Asus repair center (since my warranty was still valid). It turned out that it was an hardware problem: my motherboard was fried.

The repair center changed the motherboard and sent me back my laptop, for free of course. All was done fairly quickly, and now my laptop works again like a charm.

I advice you to do the same, even if your warranty has expired. It will still be cheaper than buying another gaming laptop...


Have a nice week and good luck!