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BUG: dwm.exe uses memory leakage with Intel HD Graphics 630

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dwm.exe (Desktop-Window Manager) uses high memory with Intel Intel HD Graphics 630. This problem has been reported before:


Here's a screenshot of my dwm ram usage after 2 hours (1.6 GB):


Please, this bug is already known for 3-4 months, and I do not want to reinstall a 2019 driver...

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It seems that everyone has posted positive results so far about beta driver 101.1121 resolving this dwm leak issue. I'm going ahead and marking this thread as resolved! Please note that we'll specifically call out this fix in the release notes of our next production driver release to the Download Center which will be found here once available.


Special thanks to @HKlum@TurboTacho@Ansuel, and the MANY others that dedicated their time testing and providing various dump files. I really appreciate you all sticking by our side after all this time to make sure this long-standing problem gets resolved. You folks are what make this Community forum so great. We couldn't have done it without you! 😊


For those of you that continue to exhibit issues: Please create new individual threads so we can assess if it is a separate issue or not for your particular case.


Thanks again everyone!!

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@Gabriela_Intel @Bryce_Intel ,


Is there a version of this driver compatible with Windows 10 2016 LTSB? We have a lot of systems running this OS and can't get rid of this issue without an OS upgrade or a working driver.





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Hi @ElliotN! Our latest DCH drivers support Windows 10 1809 and newer, so unfortunately they will not successfully install on Windows 10 2016 LTSB. We recommend upgrading the OS and running Windows Update to get the latest drivers on LTSB that include the fix for this issue.


By the way, this thread isn't regularly monitored anymore since this issue is closed out so I'd suggest creating a new thread if you have more questions or concerns.


Thanks 😊



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Wow, this one was a beast to resolve. One step forward and two back through much of the way. A giant thanks for sticking with us on the rollercoaster resolution ride, for your patience, and for not breaking out the pitch forks & torches too much. A huge thanks to the many contributions and help from the community on this one.

A special thanks to @Reck & @Cody who showed great participation, I have a XeHPG face mask with your name on it. Just DM me your shipping details and I'll send them out.

@HKlum@MrX1980@TurboTacho, & @Ansuel  ya'll helped tremendously with retests, logs, dumps, answering questions for others, and generally keeping things on track. I have something special for each of ya so DM me and I'll fill you in.


I greatly appreciate seeing the level of teamwork and 'community' put toward a larger goal of resolving this issue. Thanks to each person who lent support in your own way(s), making this community stronger, and for helping improve Intel products. Take a bow, bc You rock.




Shipping details = name, full address w/postal code, phone, & email

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Hi Bryce,


Seasons greetings and a Happy New Year to you, the Intel team and to everyone.

Thank you very much for the thought, I'm extremely thrilled and honored to be part of the community despite being able to contribute as much information as I could within my technical means. Definitely a great case of a success story in the community leading to a great resolution.

I'll try to provide information when possible, but the forum interface here seems to be restricting me in a way or two. But fret not, I've managed to hop on the community Discord. So perhaps it'll be easier to get through there.