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Black screens when external screen is plugged in


Description of issue:

I have a laptop that is hooked up to a monitor (Dell A3821DW), where seemingly at random the screen will freeze up and go black; (both screens go black)

  • the screen goes black, the computer hangs and the mouse cannot move, although if audio was playing, it's not interrupted
  • the screen going black usually takes about 5 mins, before I think the computer tries to restart the driver and fails
  • the computer switches to Nvidia drivers,(which is what I presume by looking at the device manager) which shows a yellow triangle sign on the intel driver.

I usually disable intel UHD drivers when this happens, since the problem reoccurs quite frequently

Hardware :

  • Laptop is AORUS 15P YD-74US244SH
  • OS : Windows 11 21h2
  • Intel UHD Driver:
  • Dell Alienware A3821DW (with default cables, using Display Port 1.4)


Steps to reproduce:

Reproducing the issue is very hard, as it's triggered almost at random, but most times when it crashes it's through the following series of events

  1. Use laptop without an external monitor, and with intel drivers enabled
  2. Hibernate laptop
  3. Start laptop from hibernation and load into windows
  4. Plug monitor to display port 1.4
  5. Monitor is used in extended mode
  6. Laptop power mode is AC, with a power cable plugged in
  7. Use laptop for about 2-4hrs and wait for crash

(Main applications running while crash happened: chrome was watching a video and Spotify as well - these apps were open before hibernating)

Loading into windows before plugging in the monitor may not be important, you can try different times: after bios screen, before switching on laptop)

I have tried multiple versions of the intel UHD driver but all seem to have the issue, please help

find attached SSU doc

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Wanted to bump this, was hoping for acknowledgement if this issue has been picked up by anyone.

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