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Can not decide which one suites better for my use case: i5-11600 or i5-11600K?


I understand that the main difference between i5-11600 vs i5-11600K is the base frequency: 2.8GHz vs 3.90 GHz, which will result TDP 65V vs 125W. (also there is a minor diff in turbo freq. but that is out of topic)


  • My Typical Load: at 90% of the time I do simple text editing in my developer tools like VS Code, and also browsing, nothing fancy, no games...
  • I will use the built in intel graphics 750 in UHD resolution 60Hz.
  • (I hope this is out of topic, just for the sake of I am wrong: my planned motherboard is ASUS Prime Z590 )

My dilemma is the following:

IIwould like to my computer as silent as it could be, I mean the CPU cooler should run the lowest speed. Being impatient, at the same time I would not be stuck with the 2.8 GHz with 90% of my time, what is "My Typical Load" with average 10% CPU load...


I would pick the i5-11600K with its 3.8GHz base freq, if I could be sure that in "My Typical Load" the CPU cooler will use the same low speed as it would be with i5-11600's 2.8GHz base freq?

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When the processor cores are busy, they will be ranging between the base frequency and the turbo boost frequency. When they are idle, however, they will lower their frequencies (their clock multipliers) to progressively lower and lower values. Bottom line, a relatively idle system will be maintaining lower clock speeds and lower temperatures. When busy, however, the K processor is going to offer you that extra performance level (at a higher temperature and higher fan speeds, of course).


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