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Can't create any custom resolution at all


Please read all the details before answer

I'm currently having an annoying and irritating issue here. I have a Windows 7 1SP ASUS laptop with Optimus switching system with Intel HD4600 as the built-in and Nvidia Geforce 745M graphics card and I always their drivers up-to-date. I tried to create custom resolution through "Display"option in Nvidia control panel but my Nvidia control panel only has "3D Settings"option. As I have searched for a solution on the Internet so far, I've found out that it's because I have an Optimus laptop and Intel handles "Display", that's why there is no "Display"option in Nvidia control panel. I have a Generic PnP monitor that can support highest resolution at 1600x1200 60Hz, but I can't set beyond 1366x768; this is crazy. Custom resolution option in Intel control panel keeps saying either I've put the wrong value or the resolution exceeds maximum bandwidth capacity. The thing that confuses me the most is when I put 1366x768 60Hz, which is my current resolution as I'm typing this question right now, it still says this value exceeds bandwidth capacity! It's not true at all! I'm using this resolution! Is there any way at all I can create custom resolution? Doesn't have to be through Intel control panel. I just want to my laptop to run at its best. Another problem is I don't have the Timing Standard setting in Intel control panel's custom resolution option, but the manual explains how to use it, that means it's supposed to be there.

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Re: Can't create any custom resolution at all

Hello Nonnutnon, thanks for joining the Intel Community.

The reason why you are not being able to set this custom resolution could be a limitation of the VBIOS.

Bear in mind that sometimes the VBIOS is limited to the OEM and in your case since the computer has switchable graphics; the setting of a specific resolution could cause conflict between the video card and the onboard video.

It is important to mention most of the time the system will be using the onboard video, but for example when you are gaming, they automatically switch to use the nVidia so the performance is highly better. Once you finish doing that task, the system will turn off the nVidia one and switch back to the integrated graphics.

I would like to know why are trying to set a resolution that you already are using? In your post, you mentioned that the current resolution is 1366x768 60Hz. Does it change at any time or are you having other resolution problems?