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Can't open the Control Panel after installing DCH drivers from a clean install of Windows

I've recently re-installed Windows 10 Pro on my laptop. After installing the latest DCH drivers for my laptop (which has an Intel Core i3-6006U), the Intel Graphics Control Panel doesn't open, throwing the "Unable to launch the app. None of the connected displays are using the Intel driver." Even when I upgrade from a legacy driver, it still doesn't recognize that the driver is active.


Device: HP 15-ay049nv (1920x1080 display, 8GB RAM, 2TB SSHD)

Windows 10 Pro October 2018 Update (Version 1809, Build 17763.379)

Driver Version:


Steps to re-produce:

  1. Remove any OEM drivers from the laptop.
  2. Restart.
  3. Install the DCH driver.
  4. Restart.
  5. Install the Intel Graphics Control Panel if it isn't installed automatically.
  6. Start the Control Panel app.
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This is a laptop with hybrid graphics. That is, it has two graphics solutions, Intel HD Graphics 520 and AMD Radeon R5 M430 HP Graphics. When you have two graphics solutions, the laptop vendor typically has to modify the drivers in order for them to work together. As a result, you should always use only those drivers provided by your laptop vendor. You should never use the generic drivers available on the Intel (and AMD) sites. When you do, you will not have these (very necessary) modifications and thus things will go awry.


I would also like to point out that, when you purchase a laptop, you warranty is from the laptop vendor. You do not have a warranty from Intel. The laptop vendor has a warranty from Intel. Bottom line, your problem resolution should be done through your laptop vendor and, if there truly is a problem in the Intel silicon, it is the vendor who needs to be bringing this to the attention of Intel, not you. Bottom line, get in your laptop vendor's face.


If you are loading the Intel generic drivers because your laptop vendor is not providing you with updated drivers, then you need to be complaining loudly to your laptop vendor and, if they don't respond positively, then you should (a) not purchase their products any longer and (b) complain, very loudly, in every public forum that you can regarding this lack of support. It is shameful what some of the vendors are doing these days and only through public pressure - and hits to their pocketbook - will something be done about it.


Hope this helps,