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Cannot Upgrade my Intel HD Graphics 4000

I downloaded the update file and installed it, it said that it was not Validated for my computer. I then followed advice I've seen elsewhere on this site, I deleted the OEM driver and then attempted for a second time to install the Intel update. This time it told me my PC does not meet the minimum requirements. I am simply at a loss for what to do next. My laptop is an Asus, model SC00CA-BBI5T01. My graphics card is a Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 version

I have Windows 8

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Re: Cannot Upgrade my Intel HD Graphics 4000

Thanks for joining the community.

I am sorry to hear that have had problems updating Intel Graphics Driver.

That message indicates that your computer manufacturer does not allow the installation of generic Intel video drives. You are required to install drivers from your computer manufacturer; however, you may try forcing the installation of Intel generic drivers by performing manual procedure, see here for instructions:

Select your operating system version and download the zip version of the video driver:




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