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Color Range detection problem (Linux)


I've been using Intel HD 630 (Core i3-7100) for about a year now and from day one, the Linux open-source graphics driver has been great. Performance and stability has been excellent. Until I switched to another monitor. Before recently, I've been using a BenQ GW2255 monitor through DVI. However I needed two HDMI ports, because I have a console as well, so I bought a BenQ GW2470HL monitor to replace it. So I'm using the monitor through HDMI now.

The problem is that regardless of what OS I'm using, the monitor is detected as a digital television and therefore the driver by default sets the color range to "Limited 16-235". This is a monitor however and is capable of displaying 0-255 color range. This wouldn't be a problem, if I wasn't also a photographer editing photos on my computer. On Windows 10, using the Intel driver, I can simply override this by forcing 0-255 and the problem is fixed. On Linux however, upon booting, the computer switches to 16-235 and there's not really an option to override it permanently. Sure, there's a command, using xrandr to force it into the desired mode, but there's neither a settings menu, nor at least a config file in which I could make this change permanent. It's quite frustrating, as the "Automatic" setting just doesn't cut it in my case.

I'm reporting this as a bug/problem, because I've searched for days and haven't really found a solution. At least some config file would be welcome to control this behaviour. 

My computer is:
Intel Core i3-7100
Manjaro Linux x64 w/ KDE Plasma 5 + Linux 4.19.8-2-MANJARO

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