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Combine Desktop very jerky


On my Intel 620 I have Intel Graphics Command Center, which includes a Combine Desktop feature.  I have an ultra-wide monitor which currently is accepting two inputs from my laptop in order to achieve the 5120x1440 resolution (the full resolution isn't supported, so I run 2560x1440 over two inputs).  While this allows me to use all of the pixels of the monitor, it functions as a dual monitor setup.  I would love to combine these so that I have a seamless experience.

My problem is that, even though it allows me to combine them and select the proper 5120x1440 resolution, it seems to be stuck at a very low refresh rate.  When you first set it, it shows 23p, and is jerky as you would expect, but even when you change it to 60p, it's just as jerky as before.

How can I fix this?

If there is no fix for that, is there a way to run 5120x1440 60p off of one DP output?  Nothing I have tried has worked yet.

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So the Intel support engineers can have more information about your system, Download, run, and save the results of this utility as a text file:

Then ATTACH the text file using the instructions under the reply window ( Drag and drop here or browse files to attach ).

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Scan information attached.


Hello WesA,

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community.

Can you please provide us with a video or picture to see the behavior?

Please, confirm which type of connection you are using, ex: DisplayPort* to DisplayPort, mention any kind of dongles or adapters.

Also, can you please provide the below report:

With the external display connected, provide the Intel* Graphics Command Center report:


>Go to the Intel Graphics Command Center


>System Diagnostic

>Generate report.

>Attach the report file.

Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician



I generated and attached the report.  I also am adding pics and a video.

My ultimate goal, if possible, is to have one desktop utilizing all 5120x1440 pixels at 120p Hz, since that is what the display is capable of.  How this achieved is less important.

To clarify, I am running one HDMI to HDMI cable from my HP laptop directly to the monitor.

I am also running one DP to DP cable from my HP Dock, which is connected to my HP laptop via USB-C, to the monitor.

This dock actually has 2 DP ports and 1 HDMI port, but I was not able to successfully achieve the desired resolution using just these ports.  This is why I run one cable from the dock and one from the laptop.

Explanation of the attached media:

1 - Windows settings after combining the desktop

2 - Display 1 after combining the desktop and setting the refresh rate to 60p

3 - Display 2 after combining the desktop and setting the refresh rate to 60p

4 - What the monitor says it's receiving from each port.  Notice it says it's receiving 3840x2160@24Hz from each, even after adjusting the settings in the application as described above.

5 - A video showing how it's jerky, as if in 24 Hz

6 - Windows "Advanced display settings". Notice that it's showing 5120x1440 at 23  Hz with 16128x9072 active signal resolution (!)

At this point I'm pretty confused about what I should do.  Ideally I'd just be able to run 5120x1440 at 120Hz from the single DP port coming out of my HP dock, but I couldn't find a way to select that.

Thanks for your help!


Hello WesA,

Thank you for the information.

We will proceed to check this, please expect an update soon.

Best regards,

Maria R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello WesA,

Thank you very much for patiently waiting.

Your processor and graphics card support the resolution 5120x1440 60 FPS, it does not support the 5120x1440@120 Hz.

We highly recommend using a DisplayPort* connection to be able to achieve the resolution mentioned above. However, since you are using a highly customized system (Laptop) we cannot confirm if the DisplayPort is available or if the resolution is possible based on your system design and specs. In this case, Intel just provides the CPU in stock settings, and we do not have control over any customization that the equipment manufacturer has performed, meaning that the manufacturer can modify/limit the processor capabilities.

Also, Intel cannot guarantee that the setup will work since a straight-through connection with a cable is recommended. Intel does not recommend the use of any kind of docking stations, adapters, or converters. This is because we cannot test all of them, so we cannot guarantee that these are going to work.


In this scenario, try using different cables/adapters if one is available to you. You can also check your system manufacturer's support website for validated multiple display configurations and the capabilities of your system.

Best regards, 

Maria R.  

Intel Customer Support Technician