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Hi, This alludes to an old Celeron J1800-fueled PC (a modest Dell Inspiron 3050) which is recorded as having Intel(R) HD Graphics with no genuine number. I comprehend it's third Gen/Baytrail and one of the first of the Intel(R) HD Graphics, so generally fundamental. 


The going with Graphics Control Panel permits a selection of goals yet not to 'redo viewpoint proportion'. The subsequent issue is that when it's set to the maximum res of 1920x1080 - which coordinates that of my full-HD 1080p TV - the showed picture is somewhat excessively enormous with the base Windows taskbar half missing behind the bezel, alongside the 'Nearby Tab 'X' in the upper right and a large portion of the work area symbols down the LH side. The two things are associated with HDMI. 


The main way I can get the chance to see the entire work area is by picking a lower res, for example, 1804x1026, yet the subsequent littler Desktop picture at that point leaves a squandered dark space all around the picture. 


I have refreshed everything (counting Win10 to 1903 form) and the illustrations driver to 27/12/2018 (which is also called however this fresher driver still does exclude the 'redo angle proportion' choice which I need. 


My other PC has HD 530 Graphics and, while the Graph Control Panel glances generally comparable in appearance, this has the 'alter viewpoint proportion' choice and this is done by means of a few 'sliders' until the 'work area' fits the screen near on consummately; this required setting to '45' on a level plane and 41 vertically to suit another full-HD TV screen. 


Is there any opportunity for me to get this 'tweak angle proportion' choice on my Graphics driver? 


Any recommendations, please? Much obliged.

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You have an overscan issue. Check the TV settings for something like Native, Normal, etc. in the video settings.

Also, provide you processor model number and WIndows 10 Version.





Hello SZai0


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


Regarding your inquiry on how to get the 'tweak angle proportion' (meaning this the Custom Scaling options), it is worth mentioning that Intel Atom® Processors based on Braswell, Cherry Trail, and Bay Trail platforms (as the Intel® Celeron® Processor J1800do not offer support for Custom Scaling. This is the reason why the option is not present in the Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel.


This is because the display hardware is limited to only one display scaler and intended to fit on a particular display (embedded, integrated, etc). For more information, please refer to Support for Custom Scaling on Intel Atom® Processors.


Hope this clarifies your inquiry.




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