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DSA error installing recent Intel Graphics 620 driver update


For past week, I've been notified by DSA about a graphics driver update. It downloads fine, then when I click to Install, I end up receiving an error stating "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer. Setup will exit.


Below are screenshots with the driver version and hardware/driver details of my computer.






And finally the error message after I click to install the drivers.


Any ideas?

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On laptops, it is recommended to only use driver releases from the laptop manufacturer. For this very reason, It is also recommended that you NOT run IDSA on laptops (doesn't HP provide a tool?).


With the absolutely awful driver support that the laptop and PC vendors are giving their customers, Intel decided to rework the graphics drivers so that vendor customizations are not eliminated when the driver is overinstalled by a standard driver release package from intel. All versions and newer have this rework. You can overinstall with these versions and you should not see the not-validated error. I thus recommend that you install the latest (8190) build.


Now, there are some outstanding issues with IDSA that are currently being worked. It will be some number of weeks before a fixed version if available.


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I've been using Intel DSA for years and it started failing in different ways just with the latest version

On Lenovo Yoga 920 It first downloaded and updated Graphics for Intel UHD 620 from to and then on the next scan it tried to install back the previous version.

Now I am at and DSA tries to go back to which fails.

Clearly the version of DSA is broken.

This is not the only bug, I have other problems on different computers that previously did not have any issue with the older version of DSA. Clearly I cannot use an older DSA version because the 1st thing it does is to check and update to the latest one.

I just checked again and it just found a new Version of DSA and that fixed the bug on the Lenovo Yoga 920.



Maybe it will fix your problem too, try it out and see what happens.

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Glad to hear that. The version doesn't fix every issue but thankfully it does fix a bunch.


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