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Deploy graphic profile

We bought several Lenovo Thinkpad W540 with dock stations.

I created an image that I´m deploying from SCCM.

I cannot find a solution to deploy settings for the graphic cards.

There are two graphic cards (Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA Quadro K1100M).

We are using two external displays ( HDMI and DVI) from dock station.

I can manual set settings in Intel Graphic Profiles.

But to deploy it!

It seems so hopeless.

Is there any a solution??

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Re: Deploy graphic profile

Hello KenMupp,

Based on your description, the computers require a special driver developed and provided by your computer manufacturer only.

Due to this special condition, I would recommend you checking with the computer manufacture for a bundle driver (they have it) so you can modify it and deploy it on the systems.

Here you have a very informative article about switchable graphics systems:

Kevin M