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Display scaling


Since Intel opted to discontinue the graphic control panel option to change the scale of the desktop image that is overscanned when displayed on a TV, what options do we have to correct this common problem?  Give up on Intel and buy Nvidia or AMD display adapters?

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You didn't read the whole announcement! Intel discontinued the Control Panel version at Microsoft's behest (in DCH driver requirements). But, it was replaced! The same capabilities are offered in a Modern GUI app. that is downloaded automatically from the Microsoft App Store on the first reboot (which also happens automatically) after you install the driver package. This app is named Intel Graphics Command Center. You start it from the Windows Start button. If you then open the Display scene and change the Scale parameter from Maintain Display Scaling to Custom, you will get a pop-up Custom Scaling scene that provides the horizontal/vertical sliders for adjusting the display scale (just like the discontinued Control Panel applet did).