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Does Intel A1018m processor support 21:9 through vga?


In my laptop the chipset is Intel HM70 (Panther Point) and Intel A1018m processor(found using HWinFO64 software). I'm thinking of buying a ultrawide monitor of resolution 2560*1080 and my laptop has only vga port, and the monitor I'm looking for has only hdmi and dp ports no vga, so with that can I successfully run this monitor? or Is there anything I can upgrade to make it possible?

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juk, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

Just to let you know, the Intel® Pentium® Processor A1018 and the Mobile Intel® HM70 Express Chipset are under status of: End Of Interactive Support / Discontinued, as you can confirm in the following links:

So, even though Intel® technical support will no longer be provided for this kind of products, still, as an option you may want to try our Discontinued Products Community to get recommendations from fellow community members:

Or you may also find the Discontinued Products Website helpful to address your request:

Just to let you know, since the monitor does not have a VGA port, an adapter or converter will be needed and that could bring unforeseen issues, so the best thing to do will be to get in contact directly with the manufacturer of the laptop to gather the information you are looking for.


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